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See our Terms of Service:

You may view or download our terms from the link below.

Here is a short version of what they include:


  • Pricing is based on services detailed in our agreement, any service going beyond what is mentioned in the agreement may be subject to further charges.

Content, Limited Number of Edits

  • Content will be based on your content document(s).  We might provide you with words to include in your content to improve rankings. However, we ask you to limit the number of edits to a maximum of two revisions since pricing is based on it. Accepted format is MS Word. We do not accept pdf or handwritten notes.
  • Once the content has been applied to the website, the number edits is limited to one. Additional edits can be subject to hourly rates.

Design Edits

  • Once you have approved a design and it has been transferred to a HTML website installation, only small adjustments are possible. Additional changes that affect the structure of the templates creates can be subject to additional charges.


  • Due to our Managed Hosting setup, we are responsible for security, uptime, and maintenance of your site. FTP access and admin-rights based access to the control panel can only be granted in case of transfer to another host.

Access to Control Panel

  • You can request Editor access to the backend of the site. We provide an initial training to learn the software.
  • Admin access can be granted under certain circumstances.

Payments and Ownership

  • Payment is outlined in our agreement, we reserve the right to ask for the final payment after three months of signing, in case the web design process is delayed from your side.
  • The site remains in our possession and control until the final payment.
  • Failure to pay annual hosting fees will result in website suspension. In case of non-payment, website files can be retrieved for a $125 fee.

For the full terms, please view the full terms:
Website Design Terms