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In Website Design, Times Have Changed…

Ten years ago, it was easy to create a website and be found on the Internet, a few keywords, the right meta tags, a simple domain name, and your site was in the top ten on Google.

Today there are many more ways to be found, and the competition is fifty times as much. A website, Facebook, Yelp, Google…

We help small business owners with building attractive, fast loading websites and setting up their social media accounts. We make sure that you are being found and help you all the way long, including domain, hosting, web design, and maintenance. All for reasonable prices with great support.

At Santa Barbara Web Design, we believe that beautiful web design does not have to come with a high price tag. We offer all-inclusive services around web development for small business owners who want peace of mind and a reliable partner when it comes to their sites.

Experience in Online Marketing and Web Development

Owner Matt has been 17 years of experience in web development and online marketing. His career in Online Marketing started as a Senior Manager at Real Media in Germany in 2000. As the founder of AWebsiteForLawyers.com, he was the first to offer an alternative to pricey website services of established lawyer directories. He still belongs to the top choices of web designers in Sedona, AZ, even after moving to Santa Barbara in 2016. Give him a call at (805) 699-5058.

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