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Websites for Nonprofits

Double Your Donations!

Websites for Nonprofit Organizations: Get 10% Off!

Having built sites for over 15 years we found out that websites for nonprofit organizations have different requirements:

Easy Navigation with Donate Buttons

Nonprofits rely on Donations and Grants. Information should be easy to find.

Ongoing Technical Support

Not many nonprofit organizations are willing to invest into ongoing technical support like updates for their websites – so we included them in our already low pricing.

Managed Hosting

Our Managed Hosting setup makes sure that your staff handling your websites for nonprofits never have to encounter technical questions.

Need Training? We are Available!

If you prefer to edit your website yourself, we even train your staff to do so and set appropriate permissions. It is our experience that Nonprofits often have a higher turnover of staff. Keeping your Nonprofits website updated can be a challenge. We can help. Call us at (805) 699-5058 to discuss.

Expand? No Problem!

Nonprofit websites should be scalable and expandable. If for any reason your nonprofits website requirement changes, visitor numbers increasse unexpectedly, we are standing by to upgrade to a high volume server.

Peace of Mind

We make sure your site is fast, findable, and always available due to our uptime monitor system.

Read how we create websites for nonprofits…

Websites for Nonprofits

How we create websites for nonprofits

Because we offer website development on a fixed per page basis, we have created an effective procedure that allows us to charge less while providing exceptional service.

Access to your current nonprofits website

We will first need access to your existing installation and will export the content for you to edit and review.  Since being found is essential for your success, we will provide you with important search terms that should be included in your texts. 

Parallell to that, together with you we develop a design for homepage and subsequent pages that may be adjusted for the several dfferent aspects of your nonprofit organisation. 

Extenal Donation Software: Free Implementation

We typically recommend extenal Donation software like DonorPerfect that is hosted by a payment provider. We will implement those forms and links for free.