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Google Adwords & Online Marketing

Google AdWords: Pay Per Click

New websites usually do not achieve a good position immediately. Until a new website climbs up to the top of search engines, website publishers are left with the option of advertising on Google Adwords and other search engines.

Google Adwords

How does Google Adwords work?

Pay Per Click /Pay For Placement campaigns show ads of your law firm in the major search engines. You assign a monthly budget and pay only for those visitors who reach your site by clicking on your ad. Advertisements stop according to your budget’s limit.

SB Web is specialized in creating and monitoring these Google Adwords campaigns for you, setting daily and monthly budgets; they can be increased or terminated at any time.

Free reporting of your website traffic

In addition, we install analytic software on your site FOR FREE: A reporting tool that shows you where your visitors are coming from (geographic and website referral), where they leave your site, what keywords they were searching for; and much more.

These facts help us to refine your campaigns and your site.

Facebook Ads

Facebook can be regarded as a parallel Internet: almost 10% of the global advertising – 20% on mobile devices – are spent on Facebook! Facebook ads are far from beginner-friendly, and the huge range of ad options make it tough for newbies to get started.

What makes the Facebook platform unique and attractive are its its unparalleled targeting capabilities. No other platform allows you to target e.g. 45 year old men living in a certain area, liking a certain kind of music.

Goals of advertising may be branding, post-level engagement, email opt-ins, website click-through.

Many ad formats can be used and should be carefully chosen.