Hypnosis For You

Raufa Magid is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Feng Shui Consultant and Master Intuitive Reader. She has been a therapist at the world famous Mii amo Spa in Sedona, Arizona for 14+ years....

Raufa Feng Shui

Raufa Magid is a leading expert in creating harmonizing homes and beautiful spaces with Feng Shui. Visit http://raufa-fengshui.com/

Sedona Soul Awakening

Sedona’s Mystical Bazaar presents its service dedicated to readings, healing and relaxation on this image-rich website. Visit http://sedona-psychic-healing.com/

Kamma Astrology – Kammastro

Kamma has been working for 30 years as an astrological counselor,  reader and life coach. Her site is mobile friendly with page 1 and page 2 listings on Google. Visit Kammastro.com…

The Voice Of Meditation

Dr Masters guided meditations and lectures are available on CD and MP# download in this classic styled store. Visit VoiceofMeditation.com…